Tuition & Fees

WSOC Tuition Rates*One Payment9 Payments11 Payments
Nursery 4-Day$14,900$1,655.56$1,354.55
Nursery 5-Day$17,500$1,944.44 $1,590.91
Pre-K 4-Day$18,350$2,038.89$1,668.18
Pre-K 5-Day$18,800$2,088.89$1,709.09
Grades 1-3$22,500$2,500$2,045.45
Grades 4-8$23,500$2,611.11$2,136.36
High School $28,900$3,211.11$2,627.27

Waldorf School Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule for the 2023/2024 School Year


  • Tuition payment options: paid annually in 1, 2, 9 or 11 payments
  • ACH fees of $1-$5 per ACH draw are currently covered by the school
  • All payments will be auto-deducted
  • Credit cards are not accepted.

Supply and Activity Fees are included in tuition

New Families $500 per year
Returning FamiliesBefore Registration Week$500 per year
 After Registration Week$1,000 per year
Non-refundable and due at time of registration  

Scrip Deposit

Each family will be auto-billed a $275 scrip deposit in June.
When the $275 obligation is met, it will be rolled over to the following school year.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling Discount: 10% reduction in Waldorf school tuition for the first sibling and a 15% reduction for additional siblings. Parents are invited to waive the sibling discount and will be given a receipt for a tax-deductible donation.


Tuition Adjustment Program And Application Deadline

The Waldorf School Orange County is grateful for its ability to offer a comprehensive Tuition Adjustment Program. This wonderful program enables us to provide a Waldorf Education to families that deeply value it, regardless of their ability to pay the full tuition. It encourages socio-economic diversity while making a Waldorf education more accessible to families of varying economic backgrounds.

This year’s Tuition Adjustment Program application deadline is March 18 , 2022 for the school year ending June 2023. If you are experiencing delays in obtaining documents or meeting with tax advisors, please contact the business office for an extension.

Click here for additional information about WSOC’s Tuition Adjustment Program.


Parent Participation

The school depends on parents to offer a commitment of time to festivals, fundraising and school development activities. Every family is also asked to make a financial commitment beyond their suggested tuition by:

  • Contributing to our Annual Giving Campaign
  • Generating more than $275 in Scrip earnings to support their child’s classroom funds
  • Supporting and participating in other fundraising activities


Registration Questions

Maureen McDermott, Registrar: Email, or make an in-person appointment by calling (949) 574-7775.


Finance Questions

Kim McGovern, Business Manager:  Email or make an in-person appointment by calling (949) 574-7775.

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